The Oov is available in three sizes. Please select the size most suitable to your height/weight ratio, with the emphasis being on the weight should there be a significant difference in the ratios shown in the table below.

Each Oov has its own unique colour swirls and wrinkles due to the nature of manufacturing, so you will always be able to identify your Oov.

The Oov is currently only available for purchase in Graphite.

Size Height Weight
Large 1.8m + (5’11” +) From 80 Kg + (176 lb +)
Medium 1.7 -1.8m (5’6″ – 5’11”) From 60 Kg – 80 Kg (132 lb – 176 lb)
Small Up to 1.7m (5’6”) Up to 60 Kg (132 lb)

All sizes – AUD$ 220.00 incl GST


Ships within two weeks. Our Wholesale Pricing starts when you purchase 6 or more Oov’s, please contact us for pricing. For shipping outside of Australia, please contact us for a shipping and availability quote.


Please be advised that the OOV is an unstable device, and there are inherent personal safety risks associated with using the OOV. Extreme caution should be exercised at all times. We accept no responsibility under any circumstances for any accident or injury in any way connected with the use of our product. This is intended to be a legally binding disclaimer and a condition of the contract for the sale of your OOV.